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BC United  2017 Field Usage

 Guidelines and Rules for Field Usage for Leagues and Teams



  Please only use fields designated for use by your league/team.

Please note the following on the  BC United Fields

  • AED is located in the flag box attached to the shed.  Each team has a key to this box so it will be open during all games and practices.  Each team should have a representative certified in CPR/AED.
  • There are NO dogs allowed. 
  • Please tell your families to leave their pets at home and communicate this to visiting teams prior to games. 
  • If someone from BC United sees them with a pet, they will be asked to leave. 
  • GBFC has contracted to use 2 fields at BC United through the end of July 2017.  
  • Fields 2 & 3 are to be used for training by all teams.  Please do not train or warm up on fields 4, 5 or 6.  These are game fields only.
  • Ross Riley, (field on right when you enter the complex) 
  • assigned to BCU Energy on Thursday evenings
  • other times can be used for warm up prior to your scheduled training time.
  • Thruway League and Broome County League games are scheduled on field 4 and field 6.  
  • Field 5 has limited use at this point and is being repaired.
  • Gate key works for both the gate and the flag box.  Lock the box when you have put the flags away unless the game directly behind you is using them.
  • The last team out of the complex needs to lock the gate please.  This is the team manager and/or coach responsibility.  The gate fence area is in need of repair due to damage from the school snow plowing; it should be fixed soon.
  • PLEASE:  When you are doing extended length drills from the corner and/or in the box area please move the goal.  Any more than ten kicks from the mark should also be done from another location.  This avoids excessive wear on the box's corner kick and the mark.

Any questions please ask.

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